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10+ Years Transforming Brands, Igniting Demand, & Creating Value

Updated October 2023

Online Resume 

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RealPage, Inc

August 2019 - Present

San Diego, CA

Dallas - New York City

Global Marketing Strategist, SMB/MM - RealPage, Inc

Marketing Strategy Director, Marketing Suite - RealPage, Inc

Senior Manager, Marketing - LeaseLabs

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August 2016-August 2019

Baton Rouge, LA

Atlanta - Charlotte -Dallas - Nashville

Executive Vice President

VP, Client Services

Dir. of Client Services

SEM Team Lead

SEM Analyst

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June 2013 - August 2016

New Orleans

Dallas - Atlanta

Creative Director, Founder

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May 2015 - June 2016

New Orleans

Baton Rouge

Marketing Specialist

Media-Friendly Career Bio

Updated October 2023

Jonas Dominique's career is a diverse array of experiences and an unshakable commitment to innovation.

His journey began as an intern in Project Management at Cenac Marine Services, but it didn't take long for things to get exciting. When the company acquired a software and CRM provider for the oil and gas marine industry, Jonas's role transformed into that of an Operations Specialist. From billing and sales to rebranding, marketing, and administration, he wore many hats at the startup tech company.

But Jonas's ambitions didn't stop there. He used venture capital to launch a health-conscious wrap cafe under the Roly Poly franchise in Houma, LA. Jonas's groundbreaking social media and digital marketing strategies made waves nationally, and he simultaneously took on the role of Marketing Specialist at Avita Pharmacy, overseeing digital marketing, sponsorships, and website management. This period of his career also saw the birth of his own marketing and tech agency, with headquarters in New Orleans and Dallas, as Jonas aimed to replicate his success for others.

The journey continued as Jonas delved into the dynamic world of Click Here Digital, where he enthusiastically embraced cutting-edge technologies. Starting as an entry-level Search Marketing Analyst, he steadily climbed the ladder, taking on roles such as Account Manager, Director of Account Services, and VP of Account Services. In a remarkable twist of fate, Jonas became the youngest Executive Vice President in the company's history. Under his guidance, the agency skyrocketed to become one of Baton Rouge and Louisiana's fastest-growing businesses, with Jonas expertly managing a team of 65 professionals, including implementation experts, designers, customer success representatives, and sales teams, all supported by two VPs and three Directors.

In 2019, Jonas embarked on a new chapter, joining RealPage as Senior Manager of Marketing for their recent acquisition in the multifamily industry, LeaseLabs. His role quickly expanded as the tech conglomerate underwent a significant reorganization. Starting as a marketing specialist overseeing a suite of products, Jonas eventually took on the role of Senior Marketing Strategist, responsible for the entire landscape of RealPage products tailored specifically to the SMB segment. Beyond his primary role, Jonas initiated and launched "Multifamily Talks," the company's first official podcast series. He created the B2B2C content strategy for the company's B2C revenue goals. He orchestrated and executed the National Apartment Association's annual social media takeover, consistently recognized as the organization's most engaging day of the year. Jonas also led RealPage's inaugural Pride Parade efforts as he helped to launch their first LGBT+ employee resource group, RealPride.

Today, Jonas calls San Diego, CA, home, where he indulges in his passions for fitness, hiking, and fully immersing himself in the Californian lifestyle. He thoroughly loves the challenges and rewards of his work at RealPage, and in his spare time, he launched JDQ to help smaller companies gain access to his marketing leadership and capabilities as well as partnered with Collabstr to offer influencer packages starting at $100, monetizing his following of over 20,000+ across social networks and making influencer marketing accessible for smaller and mid-sized brands Throughout his journey, Jonas has remained dedicated to pushing the boundaries of marketing and leaving a vibrant impact on the industry.

Stomping Grounds


Home: Education
Miami University



Bachelor's Degree
Geography - Urban Economics & Planning




Executive Education - Management




Top Scholars

Varsity Swim Team - Captain

Cross Country, Soccer, Tennis

2002-2003 Louisiana School for Math, Science

Jonas Dominique, graduate of Central Lafourche High School, also attended the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts in Natchitoches, LA. With Hurricane Katrina interrupting his freshman year in New Orleans, he transferred to Miami University in Oxford, OH, where he studied Urban Planning and Economics, Russian Language, and competed at the national level on the Miami Rowing team. As a Redhawk, Jonas served as the chapter President and International Undergraduate Chairman of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.



The Guild, Attn: JDQ, Inc. 1005 30th St. San Diego, CA 92102 (appointment required before visiting)


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