VP- Patnerships & Products

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"Jonas Dominique implements creative and winning strategies for his clients with the utmost enthusiasm and passion. Many people either only see the big picture or they get lost in the small details, and Jonas is one of the rare humans that can execute both pieces. Paired with this unique skill set and experience from both the business owner side and the consultative side, he is the ultimate asset to any business or team. The staff that Jonas leads is inspired by him daily. I haven't met anyone that is more driven than Jonas, and that passion for business and life is dialed in 24/7. A clear, inspiring communicator and digital expert, Jonas will take any business or team to the next level."


"With his charisma and intelligence, Jonas is a force to be reckoned with in every industry he chooses to pursue."

Arlen B. Cenac
CEO, Cenac Towing

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"Jonas' patience, humor, and professionalism make him a wonderful co-worker, as well as a professional mentor."

Lindsey Guidry
Superior Office Products

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"Jonas is a true talent. You can't train or teach the leadership that he brings to everything he touches."

Laura Valenti, MBA, DBA
Nicholls State University