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The NEW New Orleans Airport

MSY Airport Construction Rendering

Have you heard the news? New Orleans has a fancy new airport terminal! Long gone are the days of low, popcorn ceilings, cramped hallways, and the food desert formerly welcoming millions of travelers a year to one of the world's most popular destinations. If you've ever traveled to or through the old MSY airport in Kenner, LA, you're very familiar with what I'm describing. Now, revelers and business travelers can enjoy a variety of local and national brands, from food to shopping. The finishes are modern, the hallways are spacious, and the ceilings are higher.

Don't get me wrong - the terminal and management have a long way to go. There is a severe lack of signage, the bathrooms do not have nearly enough toilets or urinals, etc. BUT in the spirit of understanding that it is a tremendous undertaking and possibly a once in a lifetime event for a city to build a completely new airport - this blog is not a place to spread complaints or pick this project apart.

Instead, let's celebrate this amazing new addition to the Crescent City. Here's a sneak peek for everyone who hasn't been there yet. If you're flying out soon, I encourage you to get to the airport early and spend some time checking it out!


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